Are you or someone you know working towards a career in diesel mechanics?

Skilled trade workers are in high demand! This is a promising career path as positions are left unfilled all over the country.

Qualifying students and future students can find the guidelines and application for a $2000 scholarship below!

Scholarship Guidelines and Application

The winners of the scholarship are announced during the January and May meetings.


May 2018 – Vince Destrade of URSA Logistics & WCTC

January 2018 – Jake Mangold of Wisconsin Kenworth & MATC

January 2018 – Chris Staples of Lakeide International & Gateway Tech

May 2017 – Brandon Van Ess of TMS Logistics

May 2017 – Luis Guerra of Lakeside International

May 2017 – Sage Siegle of MATC & Badger Truck Center

January 2017 – Kevin Blunt of Gateway Tech & Lakeside International